Our menu is designed to be shared with the people at the table. The menu includes snacks (pulutan), smaller plates (salo salo) and large entrees (la mesa).

Updated: May, 2019. Subject to Change.

Dinner Menu

Wednesday to Saturday

Pulutan (snacks)

Lumpiang Shanghai  ground pork, carrots, onions, soy vinegar   8

Chicharron  beef tendon, kesong puti, scallions   7

Binagoongan pig tails, green mango, bagoong 9

Salo Salo (shareable small plates)

Pancit egg noodle, Taiwanese sausage, carrots, soft egg, dried shrimp, calamansi butter 15

Ukoy sweet potato, shrimp, cilantro, bell peppers, palm vinegar 18

Pinakbet eggplant, string beans, okra, squash, pork belly, shrimp paste 17

Adobo chicken thigh, shishito, onion, jus 18

Ginataan delicata squash, lotus root, beech mushrooms, mungo, coconut-kaffir lime broth 20

La Mesa (large entrees served with a side of white rice)

Escabeche whole fried bronzino, ginger, longhots, sugar cane vinegar 32   

Lechon Pork Belly mustard greens, mang tomas 26