All Day Sundays 10am-8pm

Brunch Menu

Updated: January 2019. Subject to change.

BIBINGKA CORNBREAD & GRAVY  Primal Supply ground pork, sunny eggs   14

OMELETTE  arugula, queso de bola, bacon   12

SOFT SCRAMBLED EGG  tomato, salted egg, greens   9

PANCAKES  mango compote, whipped coconut, toasted coconut flakes   12

Silogs are served with garlic fried rice and sunny eggs.

LONGANISA  ground pork, salt fat, red onions, paprika   14

TOCINO  mirin-soy cured chicken breast, palm sugar, annato   14

DAING dorade, garlic, palm vinegar   13

 TORTANG TALONG  roasted eggplant omelette, house banana ketchup   12